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We have strict quality control of the entire production process, ensuring that every panel we sold meets our high standards for quality and durability.

Our solar modules have qualified by CSA and guarantee 25 or 30 Years Warranty , which can provide to your family not only with efficient clean energy, but also efficiently ensure and with safety of electricity.

  • 椭圆-12

    Efficient anti PID

  • 矩形-17

    25 year warranty

  • 图层-82

    CSA certification

  • 图层-112
  • 图层-122

    Our state-of-the-art factories in the USA and Cambodia can produce a combined 2GW per year of high-quality solar panels


    That’s enough to power over



Commercial rooftop power plant

Solar energy saves money for your business
Commercial rooftop power plant

Hounen can saves tens of thousands of dollars in electricity expenses for the enterprise every year

Commercial power plants can saved tens of thousands of dollars in electricity costs for enterprises every year, improving their market competitiveness. With the passage of ACESA, regional utilities are offering huge installation incentives to a variety of businesses to achieve green production. In short, now is a the proper time to install solar power and use clean energy.

Centralized power plant

Why choose Hounen
Centralized power plant

High Effciency And New Technology

We have the manufacturing capability to produce high efficiency mono silicon crystal solar cells and pv modules. Our products have PID resistance, 25 or 30 years warranty and CSA certification.

We have our owned component factory and warehouse in the United States, we can ensure timely delivery to meet your needs.

  • 矩形-23-拷贝-3

    Sufficient Production Capacity

  • 矩形-23-拷贝

    Timely Delivery