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About us

Hounen Produces Solar Photovoltaic Products To Create Sustainable Energy

Hounen was a solar technology company focused on photovoltaic equipment manufacturing

providing innovative green energy solutions for customers in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. 

We have advanced automatic production line, professional management team and high-quality scientific and technological personnel, set production research and development, logistics warehousing in one, and has obtained ISO9001/CSA/CEC certification. In the future, Hounen plans to achieve an annual output of 3GW.Our products are exported to the United States, Europe, India and other countries, the global cumulative shipment has exceeded 1GW, has become one of the most popular quality suppliers.

Green is the power source to preserve clean and sustainable development for the earth. Hounen works for green, for the earth and human beings.

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    Achieve an annual output

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    The global cumulative shipment has exceeded

Join us

Hounen has made some achievements in the photovoltaic field together with the excellent and professional team.
​We have always accepted, respected and achieved talents with an open mind

Come to Hounen, we will provide you with a broad and mature development platform.

Joinning us, you will realize your career dream under our mature staff training and promotion system, and achieve a win-win situation with Hounen.

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