Firefly Solar’s CEO Inspired After Touring Hounen Solar Facility

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  • Hounen Solar’s Strategic Move Into The US Market With A New Solar Facility In Orangeburg, SC

  • Hounen Solar extends its deepest gratitude to Firefly Solar for the shout-out and support extended to us. It's with immense pleasure that we announce our strategic move into the US market with the establishment of a new solar manufacturing plant in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

  • As renewable energy solutions become increasingly vital, Hounen Solar is proud to bring forth this new venture. Hounen Solar marks its groundbreaking entry into the US market with a significant investment of $33 million towards its first manufacturing operations in Orangeburg, SC. This bold move not only signifies a monumental step for Hounen Solar but also heralds a transformative moment for the solar power industry in the region.


  • Aaron Davis, CEO of Firefly Solar, was inspired to witness firsthand the innovative strides being made at Hounen Solar's new manufacturing plant during a recent tour. Pictured below, Aaron found himself deeply engaged within the manufacturing plant alongside Hounen Solar's team, navigating through the cutting-edge facilities.


  • In the words of Aaron Davis, CEO of Firefly Solar, "Touring Hounen Solar's new solar facility here in Orangeburg has been a truly enlightening experience." Reflecting on Firefly Solar's journey since its inception in Greenville, S.C. in 2016, Aaron expressed his excitement about the boundless possibilities of clean energy and Hounen Solar's contribution to advancing the solar industry.


  • Furthermore, Hounen Solar's investment brings with it significant economic impacts and job creation opportunities for the local community. The Orangeburg plant is set to create 200 jobs across various sectors, spanning production, engineering, and administrative roles. Supported by the South Carolina Coordinating Council for Economic Development, this expansion underscores the region's commitment to renewable energy and technological advancement:


  • Embodying our commitment to sustainability, the new solar facility in Orangeburg focuses on the production of solar panels for clean energy while embracing innovative technologies to minimize environmental impact and maximize production efficiency. As Hounen Solar embarks on this new chapter, it brings with it a promise of innovation, job creation, and environmental stewardship. We are confident that our venture into the US market will not only strengthen our position in the renewable energy sector but also contribute significantly to a sustainable future.